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    AskNature Curator Guide

    Welcome to our curator guide. We'll tell you what an AskNature curator does, why you should consider becoming a curator, who can be curators, and how to apply.

    What does a curator do?

    Curators oversee the content of pages they curate. They play an important role in maintaining the integrity of AskNature strategy pages, taking them from somewhat interesting to highly inspiring.

    Curators can contribute in the following ways:
    • Check entries for accuracy.
    • Add or replace excerpts.
    • Watch for new research and provide references.
    • Add to the application ideas.
    • Upload illustrations and photos that help people understand the strategy.
    • Monitor comments.
    • Add new related strategies or champion species.
    Curators should review their pages on a regular basis, watching in particular for user comments that may provide new insights.

    Why be a curator?

    There are a number of benefits to being a curator. Of course, there's the obvious — by being a curator, you can help make AskNature a source of accurate, inspiring information to help meet global sustainability goals by looking to nature for inspiration. 

       You can also benefit by being recognized on the site as a curator, increasing your exposure to other people interested in biomimicry. Being a curator can increase your opportunities to collaborate with others interested in the strategy and organisms on your curated page and keep you up-to-date on new information. You can put your volunteer work as a curator on your resume or curriculum vitae.

    Who can be a curator?

    We welcome both professional scientists and citizen naturalists to become curators. If you have a science background, an interest in a particular organism or strategy, and are willing to make the commitment to check your page(s) on a regular basis, then we welcome you to apply to be a curator.

    Don't worry if you're not an expert on the strategy you're interested in. The most important characteristics of a curator are an interest in the topic and a willingness to learn and share information.

    How to apply

    On the right side of each Strategy page, look for "Curator of This Page." If there is no one listed, the page content will read, "Are you an expert on this topic? Apply to be a curator." Click there to open a window in which you can enter your credentials, references, and why you want to curate the page. Once we review your application, we'll notify you as to whether you've been approved to be a curator. 

    Questions? Contact editor[at]