Innovators are full of questions.Nature has answers.


    Project Team

    Core Team

    Chris Allen -- Management
    Janine Benyus -- Conception, content
    Tim Greiser -- Technical
    Emily Harrington -- Graphics
    Sherry Ritter -- Content
    Bryony Schwan -- Sponsorships, promotion
    Megan Schuknecht
    -- Content/content management
    Sam Stier -- Content


    Valerie Casey -- IDEO
    Jeremy Faludi -- Faludi Design
    David Fox -- The Biomimicry Institute
    Carl Hastrich -- Ontario College of Art and Design
    John Webb -- Google, Inc.

    Project Assistance

    Dona Boggs -- Content
    Jenn Hubber -- Content
    Angela Klinefelter -- Management
    Stacy Malkan -- Promotion
    Adnan Al-Mesbahi -- Media Arts intern