Innovators are full of questions.Nature has answers.


    Thank a Genius

    If Nature ran a business, what would it do with its profit?

    We foresee a world where biomimicry not only can change the way we design our planet, but also the way we value it. That's why we created a biodiversity conservation program designed to protect the organisms and ecosystems that inspire technological innovation.

    Innovation for Conservation is a program channeling investment of a portion of profits derived from bio-inspired innovations towards preserving the organisms and ecosystems that inspired the breakthrough. After all, shouldn't we honor the organisms and ecosystems that evolved these ingenious, sustainable ideas, and thank them for showing us the way? The fund is managed by The Biomimicry Institute, a non-profit organization founded by Janine Benyus. Dr. E.O. Wilson of Harvard and
    Ray Anderson of Interface, Inc. are lead advisors.

    If you work for a company that has benefitted from the genius of Mother Nature's designs, learn more about the value of joining the community of businesses reinvesting in the natural world.

    Photo credits: Rosanne Haaland (bird's nest), Farhan Bokhari (gecko), Laura Tidwell (humpback whale), Richard McManus (blue weevil), ©Jupiter Images, Inc. (lynx)