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Morphotex structural colored fibers


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Colored fibers and fabric without chemical dyes

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Morpho butterflies remain a vibrant blue throughout their lives, without ever needing a coat of paint to spruce up a dull finish. The scales on their wings are made of many layers of proteins that refract light in different ways, and the color we see often is due entirely to the play of light and structure rather than the presence of pigments. Teijin Fibers Limited of Japan produces Morphotex® fibers. No dyes or pigments are used. Rather, color is created based on the varying thickness and structure of the fibers. Energy consumption and industrial waste are reduced because no dye process must be used.

In 2011, Teijin Fibers Limited stopped manufacturing Morphotex.

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over 4 years ago
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over 4 years ago
Why did Teijin stopped manufacturing Morphotex?
over 4 years ago
Growth of wings is a good idea. If we don't have to fabricate such a micro-structure, it would be helpful to growth of wings in mass production

This butterfly has more to offer us than just the color fiber. What about it's growth of wings?
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About the Product

Company: Teijin Fibers Limited

Product Phase: Discontinued

Product Type: Structural colored fibers

Patent Name: Fiber structure and textile using same

Patent Number: US6326094

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