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NanoSphere® fabric finish


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Fabric finish reduces need for washing

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Butterflies don’t take baths. Instead, nano-scale surface structures on their wings repel water and most dirt and also cause dirt particles to be carried away by water. Schoeller Technologies AG of Switzerland created a fabric finish called NanoSphere® that is self-cleaning, dirt- and water-repellent, and abrasion-resistant. Less washing and abrasion reduce use of natural resources and harmful chemical cleaners.
Consumer products that use this technology
Levi's 511 Skinny Commuter Jeans
The biomimicry story
Schoeller Technologies looked at how the leaves of some plants stay clean because dirt cannot adhere to their nano-structured surfaces. They applied this nanostructure to the surfaces of their textiles to help keep them clean, while also being breathable.

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over 3 years ago
Please read carefully the patent!!! it includes fluorocarbons...where is the biomimetism here? Fluorocarbons are used here to give the surface the oleophobic properties... the fabric has the same properties without the nanoparticles.
if you want to know more please contact me.

This is cool. but most of the things on this website are.
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About the Product

Company: Schoeller Technologies AG

Product Phase: Available

Product Type: Fabric finish

Patent Name: Finishings For Textile Fibers and Fabrics to Give Hydrophobic Oleophobic and Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Patent Number: US20080214075

Patent Search: Google>>