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Multiple Deployed BioWAVE Units / BioPower Sys.. / LicenseCC-by-sa - Attribution Share Alike

Wave power anchoring system based on undersea plants

Inspiring Strategies

Product or process
BioPower has created a wave power system called bioWAVETM. Each unit is mounted on the seafloor. A pivot near the seafloor converts the motion of the three floating blades and stem to electrical energy via an onboard power conversion module. The wave motion is converted into hydraulic pressure that spins a turbine which generates the electricity that is fed to shore via subsea cables. This design can harness energy from dynamic waves and exhibit robust performance.
Challenges solved
Harnessing wave energy; managing excessive wave energy; harnessing shifting wave directions; energy conversion efficiency.
Differences from existing products
bioWAVE™ absorbs wave energy from the surface to the ocean floor. The unit can also sink and flatten against the seafloor to avoid damage from excess wave energy. It pivots to optimize directional wave energy.
The biomimicry story
The bioWAVE™ design mimics the flexible stalks of undersea flora pivot, maintaining orientation relative to wave force. Floating blades also mimic the floats of undersea flora. The unit can collapse against the seafloor during excessively violent wave conditions, mimicking the compliance of kelp and other undersea vegetation.

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over 5 years ago
In the Dec. 2, 2011 article "Wave energy to power 300 Victorian homes", states that "The $14 million BioWAVE project is a single wave energy unit that will be anchored to the sea floor 30 metres underwater and about 800 metres from the shore at a site four kilometres west of Port Fairy [off the cost of Victoria, Australia]. The 450kW unit will be connected to the energy grid and power 300 homes by early 2013."
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Company: BioPower Systems

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Patent Name: "Wave Energy Capturing Device"

Patent Number: USPTA 20100156106

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