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i2™ Modular Carpet

As-needed tile replacement saves resources

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i2™ Modular Carpet is a line of carpet tiles featuring a random, nondirectional pattern and gradations of colors. These design features allow for individual tile replacement as needed, without worrying about matching patterns or dye lots. 
Differences from existing products
When traditional broadloom carpet becomes dirty or damaged, entire rolls of carpet are replaced and carted off to landfills. i2™ carpet tiles can be replaced individually and many of the components can be recycled by InterfaceFLOR, resulting in significant reductions in wastes and costs. The intentional color variations eliminate common concerns over dye lots, meaning that consumers no longer need to purchase large quantities of "attic stock" in order to ensure matching replacement tiles. The nondirectional pattern also results in installation savings, resulting in only 1.5% average installation waste versus 14% average for broadloom carpet. 
The biomimicry story
Designers for InterfaceFLOR were challenged to think about how nature would design flooring, and what they discovered is that nature designs with randomness. From a blanket of fallen leaves to a bed of river stones, no two units are the same shape, size, or color, yet collectively they form a cohesive pattern. Inspired by this organized chaos, the designers created Entropy® tiles.  The huge success of this product led to the creation of the entire i2Modular Carpet collection.

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About the Product

Company: InterfaceFLOR

Product Phase: Available

Product Type: Carpet tiles

Patent Name: Random Installation Carpet Tiles

Patent Number: US/2009/7601413 B2

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