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mirasol™ display technology


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Color electronic screens viewable under any light condition

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"Qualcomm's mirasol displays bring living color to technology by applying one of nature's most remarkable innovations-the butterfly's wings. These highly developed structures reflect light so that specific wavelengths interfere with each other to create nature's purest, most vivid colors. By studying and mimicking nature's processes and structures – a field of study called biomimetics – Qualcomm engineers have developed the nature-inspired mirasol display solution. By using this brilliant, time-tested biological development as the launching point for the new IMOD technology, Qualcomm brings nature to light effectively and efficiently in a cutting-edge display that will reshape the industry." (from company website)

View product details and watch a video to see how mirasol display technology works.

The biomimicry story
Learn more about Mirasol's biomimicry story and challenges in Zygote Quarterly:

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over 4 years ago
The great thing about this technology is the amount of energy it consume. Qualcomm talks about 3 weeks on standby ! If you place a see-through solar panel, maybe it could run without the need of a charger
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Company: Qualcomm

Product Phase: Available

Product Type: electronic display screen

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