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Slime reduces drag: fish


Canthigaster valentini / Jenny Huang / LicenseCC-by - Attribution

Skins of fish reduce drag by being covered by a slime layer of complex proteins, polysaccharides, and bacteria.

"Specific organisms can be targeted for specialized purposes. Slick 'no drag' hulls have been sought for centuries. The slickest surface is not a waxed or polished or Teflon surface, contrary to common belief. Using biomimicry, most fish have a clearly articulated slime layer of complex proteins, polysaccharides and bacteria. They are very fast and achieve this speed from the physical/chemical interface of water molecules with the surfaces of the bacteria and components which harbor either thinly affixed water molecules or compounds which have the appropriate hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity balance." (Guritza 2002:1)
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Bioinspired products and application ideas

Application Ideas: Anti-fouling coatings that protect commercial ships and leisure craft have already been developed. Reduced drag on water craft.

Industrial Sector(s) interested in this strategy: Marine anti-fouling, water treatment

Guritza, Dennis A. (inventor, assignee). 2002. Stenoprophiluric matrices, and methods of making and using the same. Patent: World Intellectual Property Organization WO/2002/036112.
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