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Catches in wings hold, release tension: bees


Bee flying / Muhammad Mah.. / LicenseGFDL - Gnu Free Document License

The wings of bees and other fast flying insects provide surges of power from tiny catches, which momentarily hold wings to build up tension and then suddenly release them.

"Even greater frequency of wing beat is effected in some groups by fibrillar muscle, which contracts and relaxes with such near automatic and continuous rapidity, initiated by a single nervous impulse, that the wings are seen only as a mist of movement. In addition to this, brief surges of power may be achieved by the wings being momentarily held in their up or down position by tiny catches until the build up of tension causes them to be suddenly released. Changes of speed or direction are brought about by other sets of muscles." (Wootton 1984:38)
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Wootton, A. 1984. Insects of the World. Blandford. 224 p.
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