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Antifreeze protects from cold: North American wood frog


Wood frog / Michael Zahn.. / LicensePD - Public Domain

The blood of the North American wood frog helps it survive freezing temperatures for as long as seven months via a natural antifreeze.

"The North American wood frog (Rana sylvatica), for instance, can survive freezing temperatures for as long as seven months, relying on a natural antifreeze in its blood to protect its organs." (Morell 2001)
About the inspiring organism
Wood Frog
Rana sylvatica LeConte, 1825
Common names: Wood frog, Lithobates sylvatica, Lithobates sylvaticus

Habitat(s): Artificial - Aquatic, Forest, Wetlands
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Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life: 2008 Annual Checklist

Threat Categories LONG_LC IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern

Bioinspired products and application ideas

Application Ideas: Develop green antifreeze.

Industrial Sector(s) interested in this strategy: Antifreeze

Virginia Morell. 2001. The fragile world of frogs. National Geographic. 199(5): 106-23.
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