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Melina Angel (atrix)

Occupation(s): Biomimicry Facilitator, Designer (other), College/University Educator, Education Consultant, Non-Formal Educator, Primary Level Educator, Secondary Level Educator, Biologist, Scientist (other)
Location: Bogota, Colombia

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I am a theoretical biologist interested in Evolution and Interdisciplinary synthesis of sciences. I have worked in philosophy of science and modeling cross scales in evolution. From my research I concluded that the living experience is more important for evolution that digital information (as proteins are more important than DNA). So I decide to quit my theoretical research and go outside to live the adventure life had for me, and in this way practice my own theories. In my path I discovered lots of hidden skills in my own adaptation capabilities and I found Biomimicry. This is step forward toward our own evolution.

Biomimicry takes the deep knowledge and awe for nature biologist have and translate it in concrete ways for humans to live in this planet. To step into this new mindset we need to recognize that a deep integration has to be done. We have been acting in xylos of knowledge and we have made a mass. Not just polluting the planet but damaging our wellbeing. Our time is a time for transitions, we know it, we deeply know it, and here we have a tool to help us.

I am a BaDT (biologist at the Design Table) and a Biomimicry Certified Professional graduated from the master level First Certificate in Biomimicry at the Biomimicry Institute. I work as educator and consultant in Biomimicry.

I have worked in enviromental and science education in no-formal and formal formats for 7 years. I love the contact with people of all ages! I learn so much about myself, humanity and Nature! I used to teach sciences and Biomimicry at secondary schools in Quebec. In education I am inspired by most of mammals, specially big cats and apes. A human who also inspired me a lot is Ken Robinson and more recently by the School in Tekos, Russia.

I have and specialitation in Projects for communitary development from the Bolivariana University of Buenos Aires. I have participate developping projects at Colombia en Hechos.

After my graduation as Biomimicry Professional I started to connect with so many people interested in this topic which is now pushing to have a Regional Affiliate Biomimicry Canada, bilingual, based in Montreal, Quebec. I am committed to give form to the amazing impact Biomimicry will bring to our transition.

Integration of being

I rock climb, ice climb and work my energy and fitness with movements form traditions coming from China and Mexico. I enjoy all kind of handcrafts whe time allows me. I am at the moment learning how to NOT cook developing a raw diet, and I love it! I have learnt tons of info about food, nutrition and wellbeing. I am craving greens and I can not live anymore without my Green Smoothies!

I also develop practical skills in permaculture and, soon, in natural building. The plans for my house are almost done and I have integrated function as a main force behind the pencil (sketchup), so, of course, it is beautiful. Hoping to start building next summer!

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over 5 years ago
Hello, Melina!
I am absolutely interested.
Right now Carl Hastrich is hosting biomimicry meetings in Toonto and I am working on organizing an Undergraduate Biomimicry Challenge in Ottawa to see who might be interested. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with the organizing of the Regional Affiliate Biomimicry Canada!

Pura Vida,
over 5 years ago
Hello Atrix,
Count me in!
over 5 years ago
Hi Atrix,
I am a bit slow on the uptake - haven't been logged in for a while - I would also be very interested about the creation of the Regional Affiliate Biomimicry Canada...Cheers, Marjan
over 6 years ago
Hi Atrix,

I got your comment about the creation of the Regional Affiliate Biomimicry Canada linked with the Biomimicry Group. I wanted to tell you that I am definitely interested in this. I just would like to ask you for more information about it.

Hi Melina... de donde eres, de Mexico? I saw you have in Colombia too. Let me know what you are doing, and visit if you come to Asia.
over 7 years ago
Hello! I don't know if you've heard yet, but you were at the Alumni Gathering in spirit. Maria talked about her experiences with you in the certificate training, and how much you enriched her understanding of the world with your unique perspective. Keep up the good work! We missed you, hope you are well!
over 7 years ago
Atrix! Congratulations on building a house. I will send you pictures.
over 7 years ago
Melina, Ken Robinson... wow! Thanks for sharing your inspiration! mlh
over 7 years ago
Hi I m interest in meeting you in december in montreal ,think i can help you with a few things,
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