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CHRIS ALLEN (chrisallen)

Occupation(s): Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Sustainability, Management
Location: MISSOULA, MT

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Email: Chris [at]
Phone: 406.728.4134
I Speak: English
Member Since: March 18, 2011
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Sunrise in the Post Oak Savannah Ecoregion of Texas


*Lives in Missoula, Montana, USA, and revels in the Big Sky country.  A proud father of a lovely young daughter. Works hard and plays hard, indoors and outdoors.   

*Interests include backcountry exploration, hatha yoga, Tuscan Volleyball, the world's great cities, authentic/slow food, diving, and film


The Woodson Place

Currently Reading

The Way Life Works
Hoagland and Dodson

Last Stand


*See my Pandora radio list

I want to go....

*Diving in The Phoenix Islands Protected Area

*Exploring by horseback in the natural areas in Rajasthan

*Sailing on the coast of Turkey


Greetings from Missoula, MT, USA...... 

I'm Chris Allen and I'm on the leadership team for the Biomimicry Institute + Guild. 

My background includes twenty years experience providing strategy and management services for a wide range of sustainable development projects.
 see my Linked in profile

I'm a Certified Biomimicry Professional having finished a  2 Year Certificate Course in Biomimicry with fourteen others from the fields of biology, engineering, design, and business.  It is the first course of its kind and is led by Dayna Baumeister, Principal and Co-founder of the Biomimicry Guild.

Goal & Focus

My goal is to develop opportunities in business and social
entrepreneurship that accelerate and expand biomimetic solutions for global prosperity and well-being. 

A quote from a turbulent yet positive period in US history that I find inspiring for our times:

"[Our world] is piled high with difficulty and we must rise with the occassion.  As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew." —Abraham Lincoln

In terms of the Biomimicry Taxonomy, I'm interested in learning and collaborating in:

Maintain Commmunity/Coordinate/Activities;Groups;Systems 

There is so much to learn from landscape ecology in order to revolutionize our built environment and to advance global network intelligence and mutualism.

Also, the following Areas of Focus from the network intersect at varying levels with my experience, contacts, and interests:

  • Business and Economics
  • Energy
        *Sustainable Energy Production
  • Greening of Industry
*Sustainable Production

Biomimcry innovations resulting in resilient commercial and conservation solutions require interdisciplinary collaboration on an unprecedented scale. 

I look forward meeting new colleagues and friends to develop ideas, explore opportunities, and build professional networks.

I especially like working in project teams with biologists, designers, and engineers.


Biomimicry Institute

Biomimicry Guild

Christopher Allen + Associates

Enlaces Ambientales

Living Building Challenge

Wiser Earth

Urban RE:Vision

The Woodson Place

US Green Building Council

A World Institute for Sustainable Humanity

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over 5 years ago
Thanks for the add Chris hope to meet you soon :)
over 7 years ago
Hey Chris,

Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the delay in answering, the way back to reality was kind of busy...I hope you had a nice trip home.
It was great to meet you and to share this unforgettable week in Veracruz.
I ´ve already been trying to review some of my current designs under the biomimicry spiral and principles...Amazing!

Keep in touch.

over 7 years ago
Hi Chris, It was very nice to meet you too. The workshop experience was really encouraging for all the aspects on my work and private life. Hope we can continue talking about your point of view of business and sustenaibilty. All the best, pepe
over 7 years ago
Hey Friend. Hope you've had a goot travel to home. I'm just back in reality. Even considering that my present work is no much creative, I'm applying principles like deep listening in the group work I do and iSite in my personal life... what could I tell you? My view of life is different now...

Thank you also, and keep in touch!!! Partner!!!!!!!!!
over 7 years ago
Hey Chris!
How was your trip back home?
Thank you for your comment, I really had an awesome experience at the Workshop and am really excited about everything that I learned! can't wait to put it into practice!! hahah I hope next year I can go to Montana to learn a bit more...
Thank you for everything!!
Maria Jose
over 7 years ago
Chris, how are you my friend ?.

Did you received my last message ?.

Take care !.

hi there chris are you well are you by any chance also coming on the south african trip ima student from south africa doing industrial design and have enrolled for it !
over 7 years ago
Hi Chris -
The site looks wonderful - looking forward to sharing this with the Pratt community!

over 7 years ago
Hey Chris this is a phenomenal effort you and your team have done here. Great initiative!
over 7 years ago
Good afternoon Rick from Fort Lauderdale Florida. Need your help to put me in touch with some people to help me on my sustainable energy project called SolAirOTEC. Would appreciate it if you could read my profile and direct me to some people that can help me.
over 7 years ago
Hello Chris! This is a fabulous site and thank-you and all the members of the Institute and Guild for all your deep endeavors here. It will provide us all with more rich work ahead.
over 7 years ago
To Chris and the Guild, congratulations! All of your hard work is greatly appreciated! I'm so excited to see this website up and running! Now anyone can find out what would nature do to solve a problem, or what has it already done? I hope to meet more Biomimics and find out what everyone's doing at the February Alumni gathering!
over 7 years ago
Hi Chris
over 7 years ago
Hey Chris! This is a big step for the biomimicry design community. Lets see what we can do.
over 7 years ago
Congratulations, Chris! You and all the folks at TBI and The Guild deserve a big pat on the back. The site looks great and I'm looking forward to the official launch and being able to share this with everyone I know. Cheers!
over 7 years ago
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