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Jake Cook (jakecook)

Occupation(s): Entrepreneur, Designer (other), College/University Educator, Scientist (other)
Location: Bozeman, MT

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Email: sweetonioncreations [at] gmail.com
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Skype: jacob.cook
Address: Bozeman, Montana 59718
United States
I Speak: English
Member Since: November 11, 2008
Local Time: Fri Jul 3 20:22:12

I make Bozeman, Montana my home but love to travel.  I cofounded a small start-up company in 2006 that builds 3D architectural models, renderings, and websites for architects and developers called Sweet Onion Creations.

Biomimicry came about through a friend who works for the Institute.  Sweet Onion is very excited to be partnering up on building out an animation scene on swarm theory with bees.  We've had a blast working with Emily, Chris and the team over in Missoula.

In my spare time I like to fly-fish, climb, design clocks and lamps, and am aspiring to learn how to cook Thai.

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over 5 years ago
Wow, neat profile - and life, dude. Rock on!
over 7 years ago
Hi Jake, great to meet you at GB as well. Feel free to drop a line anytime. - John
over 7 years ago
It was great to meet up with you at GreenBuild - let's continue our discussions and ideas about 3D models!
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