Innovators are full of questions.Nature has answers.


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Mark Dorfman (markd)

Occupation(s): Biomimicry Facilitator, Chemist
Location: New York, NY

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Email: mark [at]
Address: New York, New York
United States
Phone: 347-271-1502
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The words "chemistry" and "chemicals" have gotten a bum rap since the 1970s when hazardous wastes and toxic products from the commercial chemical industry began to come full circle in our air, water, and soil, and in the tissues of earth's living creatures. Chemistry is the backbone of our everyday products, from flavors, fragrances, and pharmaceuticals to textiles, electronics, and energy. Chemistry is also the backbone of all life on earth! Photosynthesis is chemistry. The scent and color of a rose is chemistry. The vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables is chemistry. The sea mussel's hard shell is chemistry as is the glue that cements it to rocks in turbulent waters. Even the thoughts and feelings in our brains are fired by chemistry. After 3.8 billion years of trial and error, nature has developed myriad green, clean chemistries that are beginning to inspire transformations in the commercial chemical sector's products and services. will be shot in the arm by building strong bonds between chemists, biologists, and innovators in all fields of human society.

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over 7 years ago
hey Maaaaark!!
how are you?? I´m just looking round here. And I remember was more or less a year ago when we meet in Montana at BADT.

Here we are on the rush, the next week is the Biomimicry Workshop México, Im making all the final details, I hope everything goes well.
I hope see you soon, In some time you must come to México to take a look, don´t think it twice.

My friend, I wish all your things goes better as you've imagined.
freedom and hugs

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